The town of Köyceğiz is situated at the northern end of Lake Köyceğiz between Marmaris and Fethiye in the South West of Turkey. The clear water of the lake is warm enough for swimming from late spring until early autumn and there are many opportunities for wind-surfing and other sports.

Iztuzu Beach

Köyceğiz and its environs are a wildlife protected area, and you can find frankincense trees (Liquid Amber) in the woodlands around Köyceğiz. The local produce of honey, citrus fruits and thyme are famous throughout Turkey.

Rock Tombs

Caunos and the Rock Tombs: Caunos, located at the south of the Lake, is a city steeped in the history of ancient Greece and Rome. The archeological site contains the ruins of a Roman theatre, Roman bath, Greek and Roman temples and other features of interest.

Rock Tombs:  Along the Dalyan River as it makes its way to the sea are 4th-century B.C. Lycian rock tombs carved into the hillside. These are the resting places of the kings of Caunos, and date from the 4th century BC. There are two types of tombs here - simple chambers and more elaborate temple tombs.

View of the rock tombs from behind the reeds
One of the thermal baths

Sultaniye Hot Springs and The Riza Cavus Mud Baths Sultaniye, built by the Caunians, is in the natural channel connecting Lake Köyceğiz to the Mediterranean Sea, and is a very important Turkish Spa.

Capable of serving 1,000 people per day, the water at 40°C contains chlorine, sodium, sulphur, fluorine and slightly radioactive elements, which, according to experts, can be good for metabolism, nerves and digestion. The ancient ruins of earlier baths can be seen nearby, and the area is surrounded by pine trees.

The Mud Baths [Riza Cavus Girmesi] are next to the hot springs. As well as cleansing the skin, this volcanic mud is is reputed to be good for rheumatism, dermatological diseases, and to have anti-aging properties.

Up to our necks in it

Iztuzu Beach: At the Delta of the Dalyan channel where Lake Köyceğiz meets the Mediterranean is a beautiful 8km long Sandy Beach. This area rich with wildlife is the home of the Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead Turtle) and blue crabs. Pictures of Iztuzu Beach

Ekincik Bay: One of the major stops on the "Blue Voyage," Ekincik Bay is a natural harbour and home to 50 or 60 yachts. With a sandy beach, picnic area, cafes and restaurants and a forest, it is a place where the sun, nature and history meet to create a small corner of paradise.

Rafting along the Dalaman River

Rafting on the Dalaman River: 30km south of Köyceğiz along the Dalaman River, organised rafting tours have been giving visitors not only excitement but a unique view of the virtually unspoilt valley.

The Waterfall: Lying 1.5km north of Köyceğiz, a path climbing up a hill leads to this waterfall with a natural pool that is suitable for swimming. Here the view is perfect and nature is relaxing.


Ornithology: Turkey, at the crossroads of three continents is on the migratory routes of many birds. Because of the varied ecosystems and National Parks around Köyceğiz, many species can be seen in the area. A list of birds seen around Köyceğiz is here.